Welcome to the only place on the web where high-achieving ecommerce entrepreneurs share best practices, connect with world-class experts, learn to make game-changing deals, and get inspired!
Our average member/attendee runs a $7 million dollar per year ecommerce company and has a strong desire to go to the next level.
Hi, I’m Tanner Larsson, the founder of Black Label. I connect industry transformers and leaders with the brightest minds in the ecommerce world today, and help people like you (if you qualify) get access to best practices and strategies to build, grow and scale your physical product business and curate discussions so you develop and deepen relationships.
Exclusive Ecommerce Syndicate
  • Black Label is strictly for top notch, elite, Ecommerce Business Owners & CEO’s and most are doing between $5million and $10million in revenue per year.
  • Black Label is comprised of 40 ecommerce entreprenuers who become your “Elite Board Of Directors”. Your new Board of Directors will help you explode your sales revenue while implementing systems to regain control of your time.
  • Black Label meets 4 times per year for in person structured masterminds and nothing is pitched or sold. NOTHING! 
  • Black Label members create businesses together, systematize inefficiencies, share inventory sources, and joint venture on ecommerce deals as well as educational training products. 
  • Black Label membership has a “NO RISK” policy. If you are extended an invitation to attend, we will be vetting you, and you will be vetting Black Label at the first mastermind.
  • Black Label members share EVERYTHING because they are in non- competing markets.
  • Black Label Mastermind acceptance is by APPLICATION/INVITATION only.
We’re friends, business associates AND we have each other’s backs! We share our winning tactics and strategies so you can use them and achieve greater levels of success in your business.

Every Black Label member is required to share what’s working for them— both their wins and their losses. This is mandatory—you must willing to share. If that bothers you, please do not apply. You also must commit to using what you learn; our individual progress strengthens the group into an ever-better resource for everyone.
But don’t worry, it’s not ALL work—we also know how to party! Time and again I see major business-changing takeaways come from a simple conversation at the bar, on yachts or while playing with overpriced sports cars.

Black Label Mastermind is a tight-knit community that runs on integrity and participation.
Black Label Is Packed With Member’s Only
Perks And Benefits
4 Closed Door Meetings—Per year with Tanner, the BGS team and the rest of the Black Label Mastermind Members. Each meeting will be two days long; focused on Implementation, Execution & Acceleration of your ecommerce business. You will benefit from the collective experience and expertise of the members.
Virtual Training & Masterminding—You and your key team members can participate in our periodic webinar based training and mastermind sessions. These sessions are each focused on one specific topic and are taught/led by fellow Black Label Members or outside industry experts we bring in. 
Access To All BGS Products & Courses—You get access to all of our online courses/trainings, our software and free VIP access to our online BG Ecom Forum. 
International Product Sourcing Agents—These are the same guys who source for Costco, Academy Sports, Cabela’s and other retailers. They can find specific products for you, find additional or larger manufacturers, recommend additional products for you to sell or help with manufacturing something unique. They offer to-the-door service and handle all factory communication, duties, shipping, export and transport to your door. 
Apparel And Promotional Product Printing & Fulfillment Services—These are apparel printers and manufacturers who print for some of the biggest platforms on the Web, and will also provide their DTG, Screen and Dye Sublimation services to Black Label Members.  
A Dedicated Facebook Rep For Members—You will have direct access to our Black Label Facebook Advertising Representative. This guy works at Facebook, has high level authority and you’ll never have to “submit a ticket” to get help from him.  
Domestic Supplement Supplier/Manufacturer
You can now start selling supplements or expand into new supplements with no inventory or upfront cost. Over 80 formulations to choose from with more being added all the time.   
Black Label Exclusive Product Fulfillment—One of our members runs a private fulfillment operation and is willing to handle product fulfillment for all Black Label Members.  
Networking Groups
Access to our private Facebook groups. These are a place to build relationships, collaborate and ask questions. The power of this Mastermind is the people. And this community is strong. Real-time advice, collaboration and support from BGS and the rest of the Members. 
Ongoing Access To Tanner’s Expanding Rolodex—You want to meet someone? Just ask. Between Tanner, his mentors and the rest of the Members, you are at most 1 to 2 degrees of separation from anyone you need. You’ll become friends with some of the most powerful people in the eCom and online business world. 
There’s even more exclusive benefits Included in the Black Label membership, but the rest of them are only revealed to members and invited guests.
Hear what other black label members have to say…
Vinnie Fisher
Total CEO
Merih Yolsal
"Day 2 in my core niche off of 3rd party platforms...500% ROI on $100 spend. I haven't optimized or built out my funnel properly, not even expand my product selection yet. That's all to come! One of my biggest factors of joining Black Label was building a sustainable business that I own vs. building someone else's business. I'm Pretty jacked up!"

- Matt Schmitt
"I am so thankful! I am lucky enough to be a part of Black Label with some amazing folks!  Tanner has put together something special and i'm fired up to be a part of this group.

If you get an invite to be a part of this group, write the check and get in immediately."

- Ben Adkins, Fearless Social
"So happy to be able to be involved in the Black Label Mastermind. Not only building a brotherhood with these guys but blowing up my business. Very grateful for my brother, Tanner, for leading this mastermind and being so pivotal to help connect the dots to scale all we do. If you are not in Black Label you are losing money!"

- Damien Rufus
"If you're thinking and not sure...Don't join! Everyone who joins Black Label usually comes knocking on our door and doesn't need to think on it.

It's only instinct to surround yourself with bad asses...There's no pondering, there's just wanting!"

- Ryan McKinney
Nehal Kazim
Want To Join Black Label?
Everybody does, you’d be nuts not to, but Black Label focuses on the quality of the mastermind, not the size of the mastermind.
Therefore, acceptance into the Black Label is on a case by case basis and by invitation only.  

Once invited you will have to fill out an application. If your application passes initial screening we will review it with you and if we both agree there is potential for massive mutual benefit you will be invited to attend your first mastermind as our guest.
With that said, we do not invite guests to become actual members until you’ve attended your first meeting and we can determine your level of contribution to the group.  

While at the same time, we do not expect a high caliber player like yourself to make the decision to become a member until you’ve actually experienced your first meeting and determined the value the Black Label Mastermind brings to you.
At the end of your first Black Label Mastermind, we’ll have a simple conversation. You will not be sold or pressured. Period.
During this conversation, we may choose to invite you to become a member or choose not to, based upon our “trial run” together. You may do the same, choose to accept the invitation or choose not to.
Once accepted, annual dues are $18,000. This investment is non-negotiable. If it seems out of reach, it’s a good sign that it’s not the right fit for you right now. 

If you already have a successful business, then congratulations, you’re in the right place! Black Label is a no-brainer for you, and we’d love to help you grow!
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